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About Us About Us

The Way We are

Darshan Group

We, at Darshan, have been involved in creating and maintaining Interiors since August 1984. It gives us great pleasure …and pride, to inform you that we are the only people in the City of Ahmedabad, to offer total Interior Solutions under one roof. And that too by experts in their respective fields.


Darshan Designs

Providing labour and material for turnkey projects and amazing interior design

Free yourself of the hundreds of hassles of setting up a new place. Just leave it to us. Only after everything has been completed to our satisfaction, will we hand over the keys to you.

Darshan Associates

Import To Every Direction

Imports Decor is business that has been ensuring high quality products with excellent customer satisfaction for the last fifteen years.

Darshan Enterprise

Running a trade agency

Whenever you purchase any item through us, you can be assured, it’s "the real thing". An added bonus, is that you are spared the headache of finding an authorized dealer, who stocks genuine stuff.

The Way We Think

The Way We Design

Your surroundings – be it at home or work, tell a lot about the kind of person you are. So make sure you send out the right signals. And by ‘right’, we don’t mean false cues just to impress someone. But letting them know, honestly :

The Way We Work


Any task we undertake, we initially study it in detail – thoroughly examining the plus and minus points of all relevant parameters.


Then we evaluate all available options, before settling for the one that provides optimum returns.


Having done this, we select material that lasts …and looks good.


And finally, we create Interiors that you’ll fall in love with. And look forward to spending your time in – be it your home or office or commercial complex or showroom or shop or factory or workshop or laboratory or institute or school or hotel or restaurant or entertainment arcade or sports complex… You name it – we’ll create it; and maintain it!

The Way We Tend To Your Needs


Interior Design.

Initially, the Darshan Group only dealt with creating Interiors. But over time, we kept getting repeated requests from our clients, to undertake its comprehensive maintenance as well. We realized that there was a definite gap in this segment, and with our expertise in this field, we were in a position to fill it. With the support of our well-wishers and the good-will of our clients, we knew we couldn’t go wrong. They said they preferred coming to us as :

Our As ’n’ When Scheme offers the following services :

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